Education Abroad Short-Term Faculty-Led Programs

Short-Term Faculty-Led Programs offer a wide selection of international programs every year. Students have the opportunity to earn up to 9 hours of credit while spending 1 week – 1 month abroad during the fall, spring or summer terms! With the exception of some language programs, all program courses are taught in English by Appalachian State University professors.

The Education Abroad staff collaborates with faculty, academic departments, and various offices on and off-campus, to facilitate the design and implementation of international faculty-led programs. Short-term international experiences offer students the opportunity to travel and study abroad under the leadership of an Appalachian faculty member. Our office provides faculty program leaders with on-going administrative, logistical, and any other needed support until the return of their programs in the U.S.  As we are committed to help all Appalachian students satisfy both their international aspirations and academic needs, we advise prospective participants about the wide range of academic courses and country destinations offered by the various programs while guiding  them through the entire application process. In consultation with program leaders, we are also available to conduct customized information sessions and pre-departure orientation sessions for all programs.

Mission Statement:

We encourage all students to have a significant international learning experience to deepen global and cultural awareness. Our mission is to provide organizational structure, guidance, and leadership to faculty, departments and colleges to develop academically stimulating international education programs that infuse global perspectives into all curricula.

Learn about the current  2015 and some just approved  2016 programs! Please note that most spring and summer 2016 programs will be posted as they get approved throughout October-November.



Contact Information

Jesse Lutabingwa : Interim Director, Education Abroad : (828) 262-2046 :           

Open, Associate Director, Education Abroad: (828) 262-8034 

Chanel Frisco : Assistant Director, Education Abroad: (828)262-2465 :

Donald White : Advisor, Education Abroad: (828)262-2124 :

Dawn Arnold : Program Assistant, Education Abroad : (828) 262-2125 :