Expressions of Inspiration: Participation submission

About Expressions of Inspiration

Join us for a networking reception to kick off the first annual Global Women's Series. Talk with campus and community organizations that are actively involved in increasing the environmental health of our community. Meet local female environmental activists—leaders in creating healthy, sustainable communities through food, renewable energy, the arts, and actions of social justice.

Dr. Sandra Lubarsky, director of the Department of Sustainable Development, will deliver opening remarks at 5:30 p.m.

Interspersed throughout the reception will be performance art featuring student, faculty, and staff—“Expressions of Inspiration” sharing individual and collective messages towards our call to act on building sustainable communities of health, justice, and connection.

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We invite students, faculty, staff and community to perform short works of expression (5 minutes or less) as a public arts platform - Share your individual or collective messages of hope relating to building a sustainable community of health, justice, and connection. What are we doing to make a difference? What is our call to act? How can we contribute to building the community we want to live in at present and for the future?

All works of art for display must be submitted no later than 3:00pm Friday, Feb. 22, 2013 to: Office of International Education and Development, Suite 321, Plemmons Student Union, Appalachian State University. Items must be picked up from Price Lake Room by owner or designated contact person no later than 7:30pm on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 (following event).

All works submitted for display must be labeled and prepared for display (matted / framed) with contact information of artist and accompanying description of piece.

Please select the appropriate description of the type of performance piece you would like to present at the "Expressions of Inspiration" opening event of the Global Women's Series.
Please describe the name of piece, its length, any technical or sound resources needed for performance, and names of all performers involved. Also, any further background information you would like to share with others about the work you will perform,to be included in the program outline to be shared with attendees.
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