International Research and Development

Why International Research and Development?
The sharing of knowledge and experience with other countries around the world has long been established as being in the best interests of the United States in promoting peace and prosperity. Education and training exchange, providing humanitarian assistance, protecting the environment, and encouraging political stability all directly affect the ability of American citizens to live in a free and prosperous society. While Appalachian international development work is altruistic, it is beneficial to our faculty and student body.

People in developing nations are better able to contribute to their economies when they are educated and healthy. Growing, prosperous economies in developing countries are crucial for U.S. trade, as well as for peace and stability around the world. Research in the developing countries not only helps citizens in those countries but also is often positively applied within the United States. Protecting the environment and preventing pollution across the globe helps to ensure a safe and preserved environment for all citizens in the world. Appalachian's engagement in the developing world continually adds new dimensions to our teaching, research, and outreach mission. The expertise and outreach experiences allow Appalachian to share its strengths around the state, the U.S., and the world.

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