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You can be an App State Mountaineer from your own home!  AppELS Institute now offers online learning to help you take the next step in your work or study career. 



Improve communication skills for work and study by learning from App State professors and speaking live with App State students.


Get 1x1 assistance preparing university application materials to be ready to study in the USA soon!


Enhance professional teaching skills under the guidance of App State professors targeting relevant topics for secondary school classroom teachers.


Engage in learning about cultural identity, values, awareness and communication to be equipped for successful intercultural travel, work, and study.

Find more information below on each of these courses.

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More Information

All courses are offered in 4-week modules and new courses begin each month. For information about specific course dates, please email


Please send us your questions!  Email us at:

There is no application fee.

The cost of AppELS Institute LEVEL UP online is $200 per 4-week course. This includes course access via the learning management system, four weeks of instruction, 5 hours weekly of coursework, and access to additional resources provided by AppELS Institute.


Course Descriptions

Experiential Writing

This class will help you take pride in expressing yourself through writing. Students will increase their grammar, vocabulary, and organization skills through writing about their own experiences, using their imagination, engaging their senses, and exploring new creative topics. 



English for the Arts

Students will engage with visual art as a means for English language expression, exploration, and experimentation in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In addition, we will use English as a means to visit art museums around the world and share in the creative process of art together.



The Language of Cooking

In this course, students will gather in the kitchen while practicing English speaking, listening, reading, and writing! Students will learn and share favorite recipes, study how to describe food and processes, and explore foodie culture around the world. Learning English has never been more fun! 


Little Words, Big Problems: Prepositions and Articles

Prepositions and articles are generally short little words but can be very challenging to master in the English language. By learning the meanings of these words, exploring how they are used, and engaging in conversation practice, students who finish this course will feel more confident to comprehend and accurately use prepositions and articles.




University Application Boot Camp

This course will guide students through all elements of the application cycle for undergradate admission to a US univeristy or college. Students will learn about the Common Application, college essay, and scholarship opportunities while interacting with admission counselors and specialists.  


English for Telecollaboration

Do you need a confidence refresher in your English language skills?  Do you wish to engage in higher levels of English discourse with native speakers?  In this course, international teachers will be paired with a language partner from Appalachian State University for weekly live discussion on a current education topic. This course is designed for educators whose primary classroom language is English at any level or subject. Please note that the cost of this course is $300.


Cultural Agility: A Comparative Approach

This course will equip students with the knowledge and skills to develop cultural agility, which is defined as the ability to work between and within various cultural contexts. This course will challenge students to analyze and explore various theories of culture alongside several cultural identifiers. Course content will be comprised of lectures, readings, research, and projects to allow students to develop an understanding of lessons learned in a broader context. 


We understand that many students wish to pursue further study in the US but cannot travel right now due to personal responsibilities and current events. We also have many scholar alumni who want to continue to connect to Appalachian State University. If you want to study English, prepare to apply to university in the US, or participate in training for your future career, LEVEL UP courses are designed for you!

No, you do not need to take an English proficiency test in order to register for AppELS Institute LEVEL UP online courses. We recommend that your English be at an Intermediate level or higher in order to benefit from these courses.

In order to register for an AppELS Institute LEVEL UP online course, all you need to do is submit an application and pay for the course here.

AppELS Institute LEVEL UP online courses engage students in 5 hours of classwork per week, for a total of 20 classwork hours. There are some exceptions: English for Telecollaboration (2.5 hours per week), ACT/SAT Prep (10 hours per week) and The Common Application (3 hours per week).

Courses will be led by instructors choosing to use live meetings, guided self-study, and group projects. In order to allow for the best meeting times for all participants, live meetings will be scheduled after the student registration period. You will have multiple opportunities to interact with your instructor and classmates.

AppELS Institute LEVEL UP online course instructors are Appalachian State University professors who have many years of experience working with international students and are kind, welcoming, and excited to meet you.

Yes! You will have many opportunities to interact with your instructor online via live classes, email, and discussion forums.

AppELS Institute LEVEL UP online courses do not have tests, quizzes, or grades. Students are expected to participate fully in discussions, projects, and guided self-study materials. Upon successful completion of the course materials, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement from AppELS Institute at Appalachian State University.

Students should have adequate access to the internet and technology. Instructors may use a variety of online learning platforms that may not work with a smartphone, so you should plan to take classes from a computer. All AppELS Institute LEVEL UP online courses will be offered through App State’s learning management system (AsULearn) and Zoom.

After registration and payment is complete, students will receive an email detailing how to access the course.

The cost of an AppELS Institute LEVEL UP online course is $ 200 each. There is no application fee.

If you decide to stop attending an AppELS Institute LEVEL UP online course, you must email to inform us of your decision to withdraw from the class. The deadline to withdraw and receive a full refund is 48 hours after the date the course begins. No refunds will be provided after that date. Exact withdrawal deadlines for each course are listed on the registration page. 

Yes! You can register for as many courses as you wish.

In order to register and pay, please visit this website.  REGISTRATION SITE COMING SOON

Students who wish to transfer to a degree program at Appalachian State University will need to submit an English language proficiency test score as part of the admissions process. The minimum score requirements for undergraduate students are: TOEFL ibt - 78, IELTS - 6.0, or Duolingo English Test - 100. Students who fall below these levels can transfer to the AppELS Institute for courses on the campus of Appalachian State University. Successful completion of the highest level of in-person AppELS Institute courses will satisfy the English language proficiency requirement for entrance into an Appalachian degree program.