Guide Me

There is not one single, correct way to choose a program.  Different students will have different factors that take priority depending on who they are and the goals that they have.  For most students there will likely be several programs that fit the criteria they have selected.  

We recommend that students start out by making a list of their priorities (i.e. location, program length, language of instruction, academic goals, cost, type of housing, etc.).  Once you have your ideas written down, you can start setting priorities. Try ranking your responses in order of importance. You may place the number 1 beside a geographic location that is extremely important to you, and then the number 2 next to money if affordability is a major factor.  The resources below are available to assist you with this process.


The first step is to attend a Study Abroad 101 session (either in person or online) and then connect with an advisor in the Education Abroad Office.  During these sessions we will help to demystify the process and the program offerings.

Explore the program types

Are you looking to take courses in another language?  Or do you want to study in a non English speaking country but take your courses in English?  Or maybe you are interested in going abroad with an Appalachian professor and have that country be your classroom?  Explore our program types to see what options are available.  Once you have an understanding of the various program types you should start exploring the individual program pages for a more in depth understanding of what each program offers.

Consider your Academics

Appalachian students in all majors and minors are eligible to study abroad and earn degree credit.  Advisors in the Education Abroad Office will discuss your options with you and help you create a plan.  You can also explore Program Academic Strengths using the Programs by Major page and the Advanced Search feature on our website.  Information about obtaining course approvals,  policies, and equivalencies can be found on the Academics web page.

Reflect on your Identity

As you prepare for an education abroad experience, it’s important that you understand how your identity may impact your experience abroad. In this Student Identity section, you’ll find specific information to consider as an underrepresented study abroad participant. We invite you to use these resources, as well as our office, as you prepare for your experience. 

Consider Finances

It is never too early to start planning for your finances.  This includes reviewing the program costs, the cost of living and currency conversion of your potential host country, and any scholarships and financial aid you might be eligible for.  For more information please visit the Finances web page.