Abroad and Back Again

While Abroad

Course Approvals

Students will often change one or two of their courses while abroad.  To ensure proper credit upon their return all students are encouraged to stay in touch with their academic departments.  For more information about obtaining course approvals while abroad please visit the Academics section of our website.

Appalachian Course Registration

Course registration for the next semester at Appalachian will occur per the normal procedures.  Students will need to take into consideration differences in time zones and may need to receive prerequisite overrides from their departments if taking a course abroad that will serve as the prereq for a future term course.  The registration calendar can be found on the Registrar's website.


Students returning to Appalachian for the Fall semester will apply for housing through the normal process.  As Appalachian doesn’t offer a continuing student housing application students returning to campus for the Spring semester will need to contact the housing office directly to enquire about availability.  

Returning to App

Credit Processing

Assuming that all course approvals are in place credits should post to a student’s Appalachian transcript within 2 weeks of receiving the host university transcript.  For many universities it can take up to 6-8 weeks to receive a transcript from the end of the exam period.  For more information about course approvals and credits please visit the Academics section of our website.

Become and Ambassador

Near the end of the spring semester we will send out a call for applications to be an Education Abroad Ambassador for the upcoming academic year.  Ambassadors are returned study abroad students who help spread the word about Education Abroad opportunities and prepare future students for their programs.  For a list of current students please visit the Ambassador web page.


Just like you adjusted to life in your host country so too might it be necessary to adjust to life back in the US.  To help ease this transition students are encouraged to connect with your office through one-on-one advising, reentry events, and through opportunities like the Ambassador program and other OIED cultural programs.  We also encourage students to utilize campus resources like the Appalachian Counseling & Psychological Services to discuss any readjustment bumps and the Career Development Center to learn how to leverage their global experience in job interviews.

Going Abroad Again - Coming soon