Although Naomi Ndunge Muindi graduated with a degree in Analytical Chemistry, her passion for social change led her to change her career path. She has over three years’ experience in community development work that spans health, education, food security, and aid development. She currently works as an Education Program Officer at Hifadhi Africa Organization, a non-profit organization focusing on transforming the lives of slum-dwellers, pastoralists, refugees, and refugee-hosting communities. She has directed numerous projects including Adopt-an-Animal Program, distribution of reading materials and plastic water tanks in rural schools, distribution of relief food to famine-affected families and construction of a community resource center in East Pokot, Baringo County. Naomi advocates for the education of girls in impoverish Kenyan communities and is working to find solutions to some of Africa’s biggest problems through education because she believes that Africa can achieve the highest level of growth socially, politically and economically when education is put at the forefront. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Naomi plans to utilize her acquired knowledge and skills to expand her community development initiative with a focus on education.