Jeorgina Chiquequela - Angola

Jeorgina Chiquequela has ten years’ experience in community development work. Currently, Jeorgina works as the deputy operational safety leader for a multinational oil and gas company. She is responsible for ensuring that health, safety, and environmental rules are followed during oil and gas production. This is essential in avoiding injuries, environmental incidents, and financial losses to the company. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Department of Science at Agostinho Neto University. As a community-outreach worker, she is the president and founder of the Okulongisa Association and the co-founder of YALI Learn in Angola. These associations are education oriented and committed to access to education in rural areas, education quality, and lifelong learning. She organizes pedagogical training for teachers and coaches youth. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Jeorgina aims to share her experience with her community, promote volunteering, develop a sexual health education project for orphanages, and create standards for educational fundraising.