Munashe Peter Katiyo - Zimbabwe

Munashe Peter Katiyo has over four years’ experience in sustainable energy. Munashe currently works as a technical committee member for the Standards Association of Zimbabwe, where he contributes to drafting and publishing national standards governing the design and performance of energy sector products and processes. He also is a member of Green Shift Africa, where he volunteers in the research, design, and implementation of sustainable energy projects to mitigate environmental damage and climate change. Munashe is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Renewable Energy at the University of Zimbabwe and holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) in Fuel and Energy from the Chinhoyi University of Technology. He is driven by the desire to improve energy efficiency, accessibility, and independence in Zimbabwe through incorporating renewable energy solutions into the mainstream energy network. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Munashe plans to work towards providing and expanding sustainable energy projects, especially in rural Zimbabwe, to improve energy accessibility and security.