Teslima Jallow - Gambia

Teslima Jallow has over five years of experience working with communities to develop life transforming self-led programs that have lasting impacts on their lives. He serves as the deputy executive director at the Children and Community Initiative for Development (CAID), focusing on initiating and coordinating programs and activities and developing policies for the institution. He is a co-founder of the Your Change For a Change (YCFaC) Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers health care assistance to underprivileged children and pregnant women in rural communities. He is also the country representative of the Association For African Progressive Youth (AJAP), an international youth-led movement founded in Burundi working on youth empowerment and employability, education, and health. Teslima is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Development Studies at the University of The Gambia. He is passionate about volunteerism and impacting social change in local communities. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Teslima plans to continue his work to create, maintain, and strengthen citizen-led and community-driven development.