Zainab Gurin Aminu - Nigeria

Zainab Aminu Gurin has four years of experience in the community development sector, focusing on marginalized adolescent girls’ education and adolescent sexual reproductive health. Currently, Zainab is a program officer for the Centre for Girls’ Education - Population and Reproductive Health Initiative (CGE-PRHI). She is responsible for program management and implementation of the CGE program, working with marginalized adolescent girls to reduce social and economic barriers to education by re-enforcing core academic competencies and providing education on sexual and reproductive health and rights. She provides training and mentoring and writes reports about the program to ensure effective delivery of the curriculum. She represents the organization at meetings and workshops, where best practices are shared with partners and challenges are discussed to improve the program. Zainab is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Policy and Development Studies from the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria. Zainab is a YALI West African Regional Leadership Center alumna, member of the International Youth Alliance on Family Planning, member of the United Nations Population Fund Nigeria Advisory Group, and member of the Kaduna participatory platform. She is also a nominee for the 120 Under 40 Next Generation of Family Planning Leaders. She has represented youth in conferences and advocacy meetings with stakeholders, championing the cause of girls and youth to ensure that they reach their maximum potential in life. Zainab is driven by her commitment to providing girls with equal opportunities and education and adolescent sexual reproductive health services. She hopes that each girl has the opportunity to reach her maximum potential in life. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Zainab plans to continue her work in girls’ education with a focus on advocacy for girls’ rights and equal opportunities.