AppState Recognizes Five Faculty, Staff and Students for Global Leadership and Engagement

Appalachian State University conferred its 2023 Global Leadership Awards as part of this year’s Appalachian Global Symposium hosted by the Office of International Education and Development (OIED) on Nov. 15th. Five winners were recognized among AppState faculty, staff and students.

The Global Leadership Awards Program is an annual award to recognize students, faculty, and staff who have made a significant contribution to advance global learning at Appalachian State University. This award recognizes extraordinary contributions of students, faculty and staff who have initiated, developed and/or supported opportunities for global learning.

“The Global Symposium is an incredible opportunity for us to celebrate our campus, our people, and our remarkable global work, both here and abroad. This year marks 11 years of the event and I am so inspired by our community's global engagement efforts. This year's Global Leadership Award winners have worked tirelessly to bring the world to App State, as well as to extend App State's reputation around the world. I'm proud of our winners and their accomplishments!” said Dr. Chrissie Faupel, Executive Director of OIED.

The recipients of the 2023 Global Leadership Awards and Global Engagement Award:
Faculty Award: Dr. Cameron Lippard - Professor, Department Chair, Department of Sociology
Staff Award: Megan Kasper - Associate Director of Community-Engaged Leadership, Director of the Leadership Minor
Student Award: Sandrine Ingabire, M.A Student, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Student Award: Shea Raiola, International Business Major, Chinese Minor
Student Award: Salma Treish, Public Health Major; Global Health, Arabic, and Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies Minors

This year's Global Leadership Award each received a plaque. Faculty and staff winners also received a $2,000 award to be used for research, business travel or professional development.

“The selection committee for the Global Leadership Awards evaluated nominations from across the campus, basing their decisions on the nominees' fulfillment of global learning goals. We are grateful to everyone who nominated a candidate for this accolade,” said Karen Marshall, Chair of the Global Leadership Awards Committee and Assistant Director of International Student and Scholar Services & Outreach in OIED.


About the Winners

Faculty and Staff Winners

Dr. Cameron Lippard
Professor, Department Chair; Department of Sociology
2023 Global Leadership Award

This year’s faculty award winner has distinguished himself at Appalachian State for over 16 years, merging scholarship and action to foster a comprehensive understanding of global issues through his roles as an educator, researcher, and community advocate. As a professor, he has transformed the classroom into a dynamic space where students grapple with complex topics like racism, immigration, and war, promoting a local-to-global perspective.
“His commitment reaches far beyond the classroom, as he has made significant scholarly contributions to the study of immigration's sociological effects and the changing dynamics of racism, underscored by his influential publications that serve as a resource for both students and colleagues,” said Dr. Lillian Nave, who presented the award on behalf of the Global Leadership Awards Committee.

Leading over 250 students through transformative study abroad programs across diverse cultures, Dr. Lippard has been pivotal in globalizing the campus and community, infusing curricula with global awareness, and serving on various committees to uplift immigrant voices. His commitment to societal change is evident through initiatives like the High Country Clinic and local gift-giving programs for immigrant families, showcasing his unwavering dedication to bridging cultural divides and fostering a more inclusive society.

Megan Kasper
Associate Director, Director of Leadership Studies Minor; Community-Engaged Leadership
2023 Staff Global Leadership Award

As the Associate Director of Community-Engaged Leadership, Megan has been instrumental in impactful global leadership exchange programs, such as hosting our South African partners from the University of Johannesburg. She navigated the challenges of a new staffing structure in her new position, orchestrating a program highlighting our institution's cultural and academic vibrancy. She has also advanced global learning in the Reich College of Education through involvement with the Fulbright TEA Fellows program and the development of courses with a global perspective.

“Megan's role in the globalization of our campus has been pivotal, infusing international perspectives into student experiences without the need for travel and setting a precedent for future exchanges,” said Dr. Nave.


Student Winners

Sandrine Ingabire
M.A Student, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
2023 Student Global Leadership Award

Sandrine Ingabire is a graduate student, an on-campus Resident Advisor, ASu-R graduate student advisor and a passionate scholar focused on mental health. She demonstrated exemplary service as a Grant Assistant for the Mandela Washington Fellowship. Her unparalleled mentorship and support to the Fellows and her dedication to fostering cross-cultural understanding and leadership among her peers have made a significant impact.

“Her ability to lead with empathy, maintain grace under pressure, and uplift her colleagues, especially in advocating for women's leadership, embodies the essence of global leadership and makes her a truly deserving recipient of this accolade,” said Lilly Lloyd (AppState Graduate, 2022) when presenting the award to Ms. Ingabire.


Shea Raiola
International Business Major, Chinese Minor
2023 Student Award

Shea Raiola is one of two undergraduate students to receive the 2023 Global Leadership Award. Shea’s dedication to international programs is made evident by her contributions to the INTAPP (International Appalachian) group, the International Business Student Association and her roles in producing the Global Perspectives Panel, the Coffee Buzz 5k scholarship fundraiser and her active support of University internationalization efforts.

“Her leadership style—marked by compassion, professionalism, and organizational acumen—has made her an exemplary figure on campus. Moreover, her connection to global engagement, stemming from her own experiences of moving from China to the US and her insightful study abroad stint in the UK, has inspired her with a genuine passion for fostering an inclusive and globally aware campus community. Through her strategic roles in various international clubs, She has been instrumental in recruiting globally-minded students, creating cross-cultural events, and providing a welcoming environment for international students. Her initiatives have enhanced Appalachian State University's global fabric,” said Ms. Lloyd.

Salma Treish
Public Health Major; Global Health, Arabic, and Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies Minors
2023 Student Award

The second undergraduate recipient of the 2023 Global Leadership award is Salma Treish. Salma has served as Grant Assistant for the Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program, Outreach Chair for INTAPP and a Peer Advisor for OIED where she advises future study abroad students.

“She has been instrumental in globalizing our campus—spearheading cultural events that celebrate our diversity and foster cross-cultural understanding.Her efforts in promoting study abroad programs and her hands-on work against human trafficking in Thailand illustrate her profound commitment to global service learning. As she progresses through her academic career, culminating in a departmental honors thesis on refugee health, she contributes to global scholarship and understanding. Her role as an Arabic Teaching Assistant and her involvement in diversity initiatives on campus further showcase her dedication to building an inclusive and globally aware community. She is not just a leader but a beacon of global engagement and understanding, illuminating the path for others to follow. Her dedication is evident in everything from organizing vibrant International Festivals to supporting international students' transition to our community,” said Ms. Lloyd.


ASU International Students

Receiving the 2023 Global Leadership Awards (Left to Right):  Sandrine Ingabire (Graduate Student Award), Megan Kasper (Staff Award), Dr. Cameron Lippard (Faculty Award), Salma Treish (Undergraduate Student Award) and Shea Raiola (Undergraduate Student Award). 

Published: Nov 27, 2023 2:50pm