Pathway Program

Undergraduate SEED Program

About the SEED Program

AppELS Institute's Undergraduate SEED program combines customized credit-bearing courses with English-language support courses to assist students to succesfully begin and complete an undergraduate degree program at Appalachian State University. 


Why Join the SEED program?

This program provides a unique pathway into an undergraduate degree program at Appalachian State University. Through this program, you can:

  • gain admission to Appalachian State University while developing your academic English language skills
  • begin your degree program right away 
  • receive real-time English language support during your first year's classes to help you be successful in a US university
  • get an I-20 that shows your university admission


SEED admission requirements:

  • A complete online application
  • A non-refundable application fee of $65 (USD)
  • Official high school/secondary school transcript
  • Official English language test scores  (minimum requirement: TOEFL 59, IELTS 5.5, DET 90) 


 The Pathway Program is a one-year course schedule that includes 12 credit hours of general education requirements for students to progress toward their undergraduate degree. AppELS Institute supports students with additional academically-focused English courses.


Undergraduate Credit-Bearing Courses

AppELS Institute Support Courses

Semester 1

MAT 1010 – Introduction to Mathematics (4 hours)

PE courses (2 hours)

English for Mathematics (3 hours)

English for Humanities (3 hours)

Library Skills and Research (3 hours)

Culture and Service (3 hours)

Semester 2

LLC 1000 – English for International Students (3 hours)

UCO 1200 – First Year Seminar (3 hours)

English for Academic Purposes (3 hours)

Academic Transitions (3 hours)

American Culture (3 hours)



Students must successfully complete all components of the one year program in order to exit from the Pathway Program. Upon completion, students will have 12 credits toward their undergraduate degree and may continue studying without reapplying to the university. 



Approximate Cost Per Semester

University Tuition

$ 5,062 

Program Fees

$ 3,150

University Fees

$ 1,864

Health Insurance

$ 1,352

Estimated Housing and Meals

$ 5,660

TOTAL for one year program

$ 17,088

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