Throughout IE Week

Belk Library International Display

Visit the first floor of Belk Library to see materials and resources from all over the world.

Also, sign up to participate in the Digital Journeys of International Mountaineers collection.  

instagram: @appstatelibraries

Admissions Social Media Takeover

Join us on the @AppStateAdmissions Instagram account to learn more about studying abroad from current students who have studied abroad. They will share first hand experiences and be able to answer your questions. 

November 17

Hosted by: Office of Admissions

Instagram: @AppStateAdmissions


Turchin Center Archives

So much visual art!  

Take a look at these cultural and intercultural expressions. 

These International Exhibitions include:

  • Art From Down Under: Australia to New Zealand
  • International Series: Contemporary Artists from Brazil
  • TWENTY: Contemporary Art from South Africa
  • International Focus Series: Poland
  • In the Shadow of the Volcanoes: Contemporary Art from the Mountains of Central Mexico
  • Ancient Philosophy / Contemporary Art: Asian Artists from China, Japan, Korea and the United

And much more!


Health Services Vaccines and Imminizations

Get all of the vaccines, immunizations, and health records you need to go abroad through the Student Health Services. 

Link to the Resources Page 


Passport Services

You may pick up a passport application at the post office, and once you complete it, the University Post Office will accept your application and send it to the government for processing.  If you need a passport photo, the University Post Office offers this service, too.  So if you are planning to travel outside the U.S., the Post Office can help you with the passport process.  

Find out more at the University Post Office website.