Music Public Relations, Publicity & Promotion

Program Dates: July 5, 2024 - July 21, 2024

This course provides students the opportunity to learn about the basic strategies, tactics and tools used by professionals to publicize and promote music acts and releases in an intercultural context. Students will learn about key aspects of music promotion from experienced faculty and London-based music industry professionals. Students will visit and learn from local retailers and music promoters as well as tour key media outlets that help spread awareness about emerging artists and releases. The program specifically addresses digital publicity and media relations, digital music promotion on streaming platforms, artist relations, media management and retail event promotion. Students will learn about the London music scene and its history through tours of production facilities by attending select music events to consider their planning and promotion. 

No prior public relations or communications coursework or experience is required to participate. Students will complete course projects that align with these areas of public relations practice and earn 3 hours of course credit. Honors credit is available with an honors contract approved in advance. 



As one of the world's major global cities, London exerts a strong influence on its arts, entertainment, fashion, commerce and finance, education, health care, media, science and technology, tourism, and transport and communications. Its GDP (€801.66 billion in 2017) makes it the largest urban economy in Europe, and it is one of the major financial centres in the world. With Europe's largest concentration of higher education institutions, it is home to some of the highest-ranked academic institutions in the world—Imperial College London in natural and applied sciences, the London School of Economics in social sciences, and the comprehensive University College London. London is the most visited city in Europe and has the busiest city airport system in the world. The London Underground is the oldest rapid transit system in the world. London is home to the most 5-star hotels of any city. (Source: Wikipedia.)



All program participants will be enrolled in the course below. 

Course Prefix

Course Name



COM 3538

Special Topics in Public Relations: Music PR, Publicity & Promotion


Melissa Adams


Faculty Leaders

Dr. Melissa Adams
Assistant Professor, Public Relations
Department of Communication

Dr. Melissa Adams teaches social media and public relations courses including the major capstone, Public Relations Campaigns. Her deep music industry experience ranges from retail work and freelance journalism, to being the "mother" of an independent label managing all aspects of operations and international publicity and promotion. She became an anglophile at an early age and first spent time abroad as a college student during a summer program in the UK. Her music listening ranges from jazz, punk and indie rock, to brit pop and experimental music or "art rock". Examples: The Damned, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Spiritualized, Dry Cleaning & Kasabian. Her formal biography can be found here


Dr. Andrew Davis
Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
Department of Communication

Dr. Andrew Davis teaches several courses for the Department of Communication including Media & Society and Communication Ethics. He spent time in the UK as a student and he has worked on several grassroots promotional campaigns. His taste in music often runs to R&B, indie soul or classic artists. Examples: Neal Francis, Kendra Morris, Foxygen, Diane Coffee & Kamasi Washington. His formal biography can be found here


Program Cost: $3,117

Program cost includes lodging, in-country transportation, select meals including breakfast, textbooks, and entry to events. 

Please note - Students are responsible for the total program cost upon submiting the application and deposit. Refunds are contingent upon meeting the minimum enrollment of the program. If a student decides to withdraw before departure, that student may be eligible for a refund if the program has met minimum enrollment and is therefore viable. 

Non-billable costs are estimates only and will be affected by personal spending habits, currency fluctuations, etc. Prices listed in USD unless otherwise noted. Students are encouraged to start planning for their study abroad program costs well in advance. 

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Tuition - Resident

$152.54 / credit hour

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$172.54 / credit hour



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Meals not included


Please note that non-billable costs are estimates only and will be affected by personal spending habits, currency fluctuations, etc. Prices listed in USD unless otherwise noted. Students are encouraged to start planning for their study abroad program costs well in advance. 


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 Upon receipt of application

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Appalachian reserves the right to cancel or alter the program format or to change costs in case of conditions beyond the university's control.  Further details about Appalachian's withdrawal/cancellation policy can be found at this link.


Application Process

  1. In order to apply for this program, you will need to contact one of the program leaders and provide your Banner ID and email address. Program leaders may request additional information or a meeting to discuss the details of the program and your interest.
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