Planning to Apply

Planning to Apply for Fulbright

  1. Plan 1-2 years in advance of intended departure
  2. Talk with your department chair, dean, past Appalachian State Fulbrighters, and one of the App State Fulbright liaisons.
  3. Explore by attending Fulbright information workshops/sessions (held once a semester) at Appalachian State.
  4. Enlist coaching from Office of Research to support your application.
  5. Work with the Office of Research and your chair to calculate an agreed upon budget.
  6. Apply by the relevant deadline. Refer to Timeline for more information.

For an overview of the available Fulbright U.S. Scholar Programs click here.


Types of Fulbright Awards

Core Fulbright Scholars Program

  • Core Fulbright grant awards are typically for lecturing and research on a topic of expertise. Some are for research only 

  • Length: 4-9 months

  • Application deadline: September 16th

Fulbright Specialist Program

  • This program provides short-term academic opportunities to collaborate with host institutions.

  • Length: 2-6 weeks

  • Application deadline: ongoing

Fulbright International Education Administrators Program

  • Reap the benefits of comparative education by visiting another country to learn about its system of higher education.

  • Length: 2 weeks

  • Application deadlines:

    • India - October 1

    • Japan and South Korea - November 1

    • United Kingdom, France and Germany - February 1

Application Timeline and Deadlines

  • February 1: Fulbright Applications open (Fulbright website)
  • April 30: Internal Application deadline to Office of Research for peer review (highly recommended but optional support service to faculty)
  • Semptember 1: Deadline to fill out and upload your application into the AGrants internal routing system, via the Office of Research
  • September 16: Application deadline to Fulbright

Additional Resources

  • Fulbright Scholar Program Opportunities presentation by IIE representative Catherine Matto: here
  • Fulbright Specialist Program presentation by Dr. Barbara Howard: here
  • How Appalachian Supports your Fulbright presentation by Katie Howard: here
  • Fulbright experience presentation by Dr. Susan Lappan: here