Faculty & Staff International Funding Opportunities

Faculty & Staff International Travel Awards

Int'l Travel Awards for the 2021/2022 Academic (fiscal) Year:

OIED will open two application cycles for the 2021/2022 academic/fiscal year. One for Fall 2021 (with return from travel dates between Aug. 31, 2021 to Dec. 31, 2021) and one for Spring/Summer 2022 (with return from travel dates between Jan. 1, 2022 to May 31, 2022). These application links are below.

Fall 2021 Cycle Application - Submission Deadline is August 1, 2021 and Award Notification is August 11, 2021.

Spring/Summer 2022 Cycle Application - Submission Deadline is December 1, 2021 and Award Notification is December 15, 2021.

DISCLAIMER: Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Int'l Travel Awards are contingent upon App State's post-COVID-19 travel policy and budget allocations. Should current, as of March 2021, travel restrictions and budget reductions persist, all awards will be rescinded until App State returns to "normal" operations.

The Office of International Education and Development (OIED) offers funding for Faculty & Staff traveling abroad on projects that promise meaningful institutional advancement of international education at Appalachian. Projects may incorporate individual professional development, but they must explicitly advance Appalachian's global engagement efforts. These awards are given at the discretion of OIED's Associate Vice Chancellor and are contingent upon fund availability.

OIED allocates a set amount of money per fiscal year from its operation budget to award for Faculty & Staff international travel. To reach more individuals in the University community and to make the awarding process more transparent and fair, this process will be conducted in four cycles based on the applicants' "return from travel" date. Each cycle will be allocated a portion of OIED's International Travel funding budget, ensuring that all money is not expended before Faculty & Staff have chances to identify travel opportunities.

Criteria & Guidelines

In an effort to ensure as many individuals as possible receive an award, below are the criteria and guidelines for applying.

  • All Appalachian State University Faculty & Staff (excluding visiting scholars) are eligible to apply - tenure track Faculty will be given higher priority.
  • Maximum award amount per application is $1,500.00 and contingent upon funds committed by both the department and college/school/division.
  • Applicants may only apply once per fiscal year (only the first application submitted will be considered).
  • Award funds must support Appalachian's global engagement efforts.
  • Applicants not awarded in the previous fiscal year will be given higher priority.

Important Notes:

  • Due App State using ChromeRiver for Travel Authorizations and Reimbursements now, OIED funds can only be applied as a Journal Entry or Budget Revision Request after the fact.
  • Awards cannot be applied retroactively on travel that has already completed.
  • OIED does not issue travel advances.
  • If the award recipient leaves the University before the award money is used or the travel is canceled for any reason, the award money will be reallocated for other applicants.
  • If award funds are not used (reimbursed) within 30 days of the travel return date indicated on the Travel Authorization form (per University policy 510.1), funds will be reallocated to other applicants.
  • If you're applying for funding for an International Fellowship, please review the University's policy.
    • If you're traveling on a Fulbright Fellowship, you will use their international travel insurance (ASPE).
  • Extenuating Circumstances: in special cases, exceptions to timelines may be made. These exceptions will be decided by OIED on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to or notify OIED by emailing OIED@appstate.edu of any extenuating circumstances you may have. 
    • Extenuating Circumstances examples are below, but are not limited to these specific examples:  
      • Award Decision notification timeline: if your "return from travel date" falls in a particular travel cycle that has an Award Decision date which comes after your date of departure, please submit your application as soon as possible, and then notify OIED by emailing OIED@appstate.edu
      • Exceptional global engagement opportunity discovered at the last-minute (post application submission deadline). Please reach out to or notify OIED by emailing OIED@appstate.edu.


  • Applicant Instructions: If you are an applicant, here are step-by-step instructions for this process.
  • Reviewer/Approver Instructions: If you are a Reviewer/Approver for your Department or College, here are step-by-step instructions for this process.

International Scholarly Assignment Program

In keeping with its mission of internationalizing Appalachian State University, the Office of International Education and Development (OIED) sponsors international scholarly assignment programs to develop and/or strengthen faculty global competencies. 

These programs are intended to provide Appalachian faculty members with the knowledge needed to help them infuse global issues into the courses they teach and integrate study abroad into the curricula at Appalachian, while providing them with collaborative research and teaching opportunities abroad.  

Appalachian exchange faculty members also gather information and provide advice to OIED about the programs and courses available at host institutions, as well as student welfare issues. 

Request Form:  International Scholarly Assignment Program

Other funding opportunities:

Questions, Concerns, Comments?

If you have any questions about OIED's Faculty & Staff International Travel Awards and the application process, please contact Michelle Hair, OIED Office & Budget Manager at this email address: oied@appstate.edu