Faculty-led Program Proposal Form

Faculty-led Program Proposal Form

2021-2022 Faculty-led Education Abroad Program Proposals

In a normal year, Appalachian offers 50-70 faculty-led education abroad programs per year in 25+ countries! 

Thanks to your personal commitment of time and energy, combined with your academic and international expertise, many Appalachian students are gaining an invaluable education abroad experience each year!

Faculty-led education abroad programs offer enriching experiences for both student participants and faculty leaders. The Office of International Education and Development (OIED) would like to encourage you to consider leading a program during the 2021–2022 academic year. By leading an international program, you can help Appalachian students gain a hands-on international perspective in your field of study while fostering their awareness and understanding of an increasingly diverse and global world. As a program leader, you also benefit from a stimulating and rewarding teaching experience abroad.

Our mission at OIED is to work together with faculty and academic departments to develop an international educational experience abroad for Appalachian students and to assist prospective program leaders in developing new programs.

Introducing the new online Faculty-led Education Abroad Program Proposal System!

OIED is pleased to present our new online system for program proposals and signatures. Hosted by Dynamic Forms, the online proposal largely mirrors our paper-based proposal, but streamlines the process by reducing or eliminating the need for wasteful paper and physically obtaining signatures. Like anything new, we realize that there is a learning curve, but we hope that ultimately you will find this system beneficial and time-saving. If you encounter any difficulties or issues, please contact Mark Hagen at hagenm@appstate.edu or 828-262-8034. We also welcome your feedback as we strive to improve the system during the next academic year. 

Proposal deadlines

Because of the introduction of the new online Faculty-led Education Abroad Program Proposal system and because the OIED and the University are easing back into faculty-led programs for the 2021–2022 academic year, deadlines have not yet been set. Deadlines will be announced via campus-wide email, as well as the faculty, staff, and global engagement email announcements, and will be updated on this page. You are encouraged, however, to submit your proposals as soon as possible so that your programs can be approved to allow for plenty of time for recruitment.

Helpful hints

  • Save your progress often!
  • Bookmark this page, not the links below to the form or dashboard. Those links take you to the shibboleth login.
  • The proposal form link is the same for all proposals. You will select "new" or "repeat" once inside the form.
  • It is best to collaborate with your co-leader(s) before beginning the proposal. Co-leader(s) cannot edit any content except their biographical information.
  • When prompted for a program name (not program title), most programs are named by their destination country(ies) and the department prefix(es). For example, “Spain LLC,” “France/Italy PHL/REL,” “France MKT/FIN/BUS.” This helps us to quickly identify programs.
  • Save your progress often!
  • While no paper documents are required to be sent to OIED, you will have to upload certain documents, such as syllabuses, itineraries, budgets, etc.
  • Please download the budget worksheet from the link. It has been updated for the 2021–2022 academic year.
  • Please do not save the budget worksheet to your Google Drive. The file can become corrupted.
  • We agree that the timer in the upper right-hand corner is intimidating, but unfortunately we can't disable it. The good news is that it resets each time you move on to the next page. But remember...
  • Save your progress often!

New Program Proposals

Before You Begin:

First-time program leaders should contact Mark Hagen (hagenm@appstate.edu, 828-262-8034) to arrange for a mandatory pre-proposal consultation. The same applies to repeat program leaders developing a new program. All faculty-led, credit-bearing programs involving Appalachian students abroad must be approved by the Office of International Education and Development (OIED) after review by the Faculty Advisory Committee.

Forms and Links:

Repeat Program Proposals

Before You Begin:

To qualify as a repeat proposal, the following conditions must be met:

  • a full, new program proposal was approved within the last five academic years (2017 or later);
  • at least one of the faculty leaders or co-leaders has been involved in all aspects of proposing, planning, and executing the program previously;
  • program itinerary has not changed substantially (small changes in the itinerary are permissible, but any major changes, e.g., visiting new countries or regions, increasing or decreasing total number of days by more than two days may require a new proposal);
  • the program is offered in the same semester as the last time it was offered;
  • program syllabus has not changed substantially (e.g., new assessments, new academic focus or outcomes);
  • program budget has not changed considerably;
  • program evaluations do not indicate significant programmatic issues or student dissatisfaction;
  • you have participated in a health and safety workshops at least once in the last three years.

Forms and Links: