Faculty/Staff International Business Travel Instructions

ASU International Faculty

All Appalachian State University employees traveling abroad on official university-related business must enroll in the International Business Travel Insurance plan. This insurance cannot be used for Fulbright, Off Campus Scholarly Assignments, or for personal travel. 

If you are a student, this is not the insurance you need.

Here's how to enroll:

1. Complete a University Travel Authorization through ChromeRiver. Route as necessary. (ChromeRiver and other travel info can be found on the Controller's Office Website).

2. Complete and submit the online International Business Travel Insurance Form.

3. You must submit a copy of your valid passport before your insurance will be processed. DUE TO SECURITY PROTOCOL YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR PASSPORT THROUGH FILESHARE OR BRING A PHYSICAL COPY TO OIP. Please visit fileshare.appstate.edu and upload and share with ibtinsurance@appstate.edu.

4. Optional- If you are covering any dependants or personal days, you will receive an email with an online payment portal to submit electronic payment. 

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*This is not for travel insurance (i.e. insuring your flight) - it is only for medical/repatriation purposes.*

Disclaimer: Any Appalachian State University employee who travels abroad without having completed both the Travel Authorization and the International Travel Insurance forms personally assumes full responsibility for health and safety, and such failure to comply with procedure may result in denial of Travel Reimbursement expenses.