Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need this insurance?

The university requires all university employees traveling on university business to have International Business Travel Insurance. If you are a student, this is not the insurance you need.

Important note: If you are 77 years of age or older, please contact the Office of International Education and Development (OIED) prior to filling out the paperwork.

Cost Questions

The University pays the insurance premium. Academic Affairs has funds set aside for this purpose for all university employees traveling abroad on university-related business (especially Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Student Development, Etc..)

NO. The travel MUST be related to university business.

Exception: If the traveler spends some "Personal Days abroad" either before or after the university-related business abroad, we can extend the insurance for those days up to (30) days on either side. However, the traveler will have to pay the university for these extra days of coverage.

Yes, you can purchase insurance for a legally-married spouse and/or dependent(s) who are joining you abroad.

You will see the rates for the different types of coverage on the International Travel Insurance Form. Please provide complete information for your spouse and/or dependent(s) in the spaces provided on the insurance form.

If you have any questions regarding amount of dependent insurance, please contact our office at 828-262-2046.

Form Questions

A copy of your approved Travel Authorization: The travel authorization MUST reflect all required approving signatures. Obtain the signatures of the Department Chair/Director (or Immediate Supervisor), the College Dean (or Unit Vice Chancellor), and the Vice Provost for Resource Management in the Office of Academic Affairs. The Travel Authorization must include a fund/account number or indicate "for insurance purposes only." You can send your travel authorization by intercampus mail or deliver it in person to International Business Travel Insurance, OIED, Suite 321, PSU, preferably 2 weeks prior to the start of travel.
o Note: If receiving any funding from the Office of International Education and Development (OIED), the Travel Authorization must be sent to OIED for additional funding information. Failure to do so before travel may negate funding approval.

A copy of your current passport: You can bring the physial copy to OIED or you can submit your passport through liquid files. Please visit and upload and share with 

A completed online International Travel Insurance Form: If dependent premiums are due, they must be paid prior to processing. Checks should be made payable to Appalachian State University and delivered to OIED, PSU Suite 321.

In general the answer would be yes. However, if the traveler is leaving Boone on 2/15/2014 to go to the airport but the flight does not leave until 2/16/14, then the start date on the insurance form should be 2/16/2014. The International Travel Insurance Plan is only in effect while the traveler is abroad.

The end date for the insurance is the date the traveler is returning to the United States, not necessarily the day he or she is returning to Boone. If the traveler is returning to the U.S. on 2/23/14 and landing in California to attend a conference for 4 days the travel authorization should have an end date of 2/27/2014 to cover the person for the entire time he or she is gone. However, the end date for the insurance will be 2/23/2014, since that is when the person is returning to the U.S.