Cultural Ambassadors

Cultural Ambassadors

Presenter sharing about Germany in a classroom


The Cultural Ambassadors Program is an opportunity for international students and scholars who are at App State on J-1 or F-1 visas to volunteer to share their perspective of their culture.  Club leaders, professors, or community members can request a presentation. 

The more we share and integrate each other's knowledge, the more our own knowledge expands. It is the opportunity that academia provides.


When you request a cultural ambassador, they get the floor. However, you choose the form of the way they teach. 

When you submit an application, you have four presentation types to choose from:

  • Lectures

This is a prepared presentation using visual or auditory aides. This can be on anything from a discussion on workplace ethics to the things that inspire someone to do art.

  • Panel Discussions

Multiple cultural ambassadors will be present to answer questions from those in attendance. While no presentation needs to be prepared by the presenters, it’s best to have some questions ready beforehand on your part.

  • Activities

This is intended to be a fun learning experience, where cultural ambassadors will guide the crowd to participate in a new game, art form, or performance.

  • Small Group Discussions

For those group project enthusiasts, may AsULearn have mercy on your students, but we have some as well. Invite ambassadors to talk with your students about ideas, methods, and information to inform their work.

Expectations for Presenters

  • Share your experiences. You’re not expected to speak for your whole country.

  • Participate in at least two of the five semester long workshops to improve your professional skills

  • When a request comes in, please confirm or deny your availability within 48 hours.

  • Please communicate details directly with the requester.

  • If a cancellation is needed, please email both the requester and

Requirements for Requesters

  • Our ability to fulfill requests is based on the availability of Cultural Ambassadors and their schedules.

  • Please allow a two-week lead time when requesting a presentation.

  • If the presentation will take place off Appalachian's campus, it is extremely helpful if you are able to provide transportation, though we can provide it if needed.

  • Please email with any questions.