Education Abroad

Spring 2022 Application Deadline

The Office of International Education and Development has extended the application deadline for Spring 2022 to October 1  for select programs.  Contact your study abroad advisor for details. 

  • Veritas- Costa Rica
  • LdM- Italy
  • Trier- Germany
  • Bamburg- Germany
  • UPO- Spain
  • Alicante- Spain
  • Lincoln- United Kingdom
  • SAI- Various
  • USAC- Various
  • CIEE- Various
  • AIFS- Various
  • CEA- Various


Your first step in studying abroad is to attend a Study Abroad 101 workshop. Next, you'll pick your program and begin your application. Below we've compiled resources to help you along the way. 

Application Deadlines

Program Type

Fall/ Academic Year

Spring/Calendar Year



 Varies by Program

 Varies by Program

 March 15

ISEP Exchange

 February 1

 September 15


Appalachian Exchange
Affiliate/ISEP Direct
All Other Programs

 February 15 

 September 15

 March 15

These dates remain the same every year. If the date falls on a weekend then the application is due the following Monday.  As most programs accept on a rolling basis students are encouraged to complete their application before the deadline.