An international experience is not simply limited to the classroom. An International Internship is a great way to further develop your knowledge and skills.  Along with the potential to earn academic credit, students who complete an international internship expand their networks and develop transferable skills which give them a competitive edge after graduation.

Locating an International Internship
I. Arrange your own internship.  This requires more research and motivation but also has the benefit of offering you an internship that closely meets your needs. Your Career Development Center and your academic department are your best resource for finding internships however it is also possible to search for them on your own.  Listed at the bottom of this page are a few places to start your search.  

II. Contact an internship organization to see if they have placements in your field.  The advantage(s) of working with an internship organization are that they have the industry connections and their listed price often includes housing, airport pickup, internship seminars, visa support, etc.  Listed below are some organizations that are able to help arrange international internships.  This list of organizations does not include all possible options available to students nor are they organizations that are recommended more than other options.  They are merely organizations that we have experience with and that in most cases should be able to meet the Appalachian Internship requirements.  Students are encouraged to explore all options and should not submit an application fee to the organizations until they fully understand the process, cost, and that the internship will be approved by their home department. If you have any questions about any of these, please email

Appalachian State Affiliate (authorized) Partners 

Other Affiliate Options (Program Cost not billed through AppState)

Students who are interested in international internships will need to complete the following steps:

  • Meet with their faculty advisor to find an internship or communicate the information you have found with your advisor regarding your internship
  • Get approval from the department and be submitted into the Internship Inventory.
  • Complete the OIED International Internship application. OIED must certify international internships before student can be registered in the internship course by the department. Please reach out to for more information on the process and which application is appropriate for you.
  • Follow up with your department to ensure you are registered for internship credit/or follow up with OIED to make sure you have been registered for the international internship placeholder course (if participating on an internship program where we will be transferring back in the credit).

International Internship OIED Application Deadlines (Deadlines Are Firm)
The deadline for International Internships is 15 Business days before either the program start date or the term add drop date, whichever occurs first.  The Appalachian approved international internship programs have earlier deadlines: Fall (February 1), Spring  (September 1), Summer (February 1). 

Things to Consider
Are there safety concerns in the country?  If so what are they and how will I minimize them while abroad?
Are there immunizations I will need and how early should I start receiving them?
What is my experience in the country?
What is the primary spoken language and what is my familiarity with that language?  If I am not familiar with the language, what sort of support will be provided by the host organization?
What sort of assistance and support will be available to me from the internship/host organization in the event of an emergency and with daily questions that may arise?
Will I need to find my own housing or will it be provided by the internship organization?
What sort of transportation will be available from the housing to the internship site?

You should carefully research all entry and work visa requirements for the country in which you plan to intern. The US State Department provides consular affairs sheets for each country that provide visa requirements and contact information for embassies and consulates in the US. Obtaining a work visa for an internship can take time so students are encouraged to start looking into the process early.