Whether you have just started an application or have been accepted it isn’t too early to start planning for your time abroad.


If you have not already done so, apply for your passport immediately. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the end-date of your study abroad program (some countries have a longer requirement). If your passport will have less than six months remaining after the end-date of the program, or will expire while you are abroad, apply now for a replacement passport from the U.S. Government.  You can conveniently apply for a passport on campus at the Campus Post Office.  For information about how to apply for a passport please visit the State Department's website.  It can take 4-8 weeks to receive a new passport so do not delay in starting this process.


Many countries require you to have a visa before entering the country. A visa is official permission to enter a country and stay for a determined period of time. You must have a valid passport to apply for a visa. The visa stamp for a given country will be placed in your actual passport. OIED will help students navigate this process but ultimately students are responsible for submitting their application.  Additional information about visas will be provided in post-acceptance materials. Students participating on affiliate programs may receive visa information from the affiliate after acceptance. It is essential that you follow all visa instructions as outlined and apply in a timely manner.

Course Approvals

To ensure the smooth posting of study abroad credits students should obtain course approvals before going abroad.  Additional information is available on the Academics section of our website.


All students participating on Appalachian Education Abroad programs will be required to attend an orientation before departure.  Students participating on faculty-led programs will meet several times with the faculty leaders to cover pre-departure academic information, logistics, and health and safety.  Students participating on semester and summer affiliate programs will attend a group orientation organized by OIED.

Health and Safety

While Health and Safety information will be covered during your orientation we would encourage all students to start researching these topics well in advance of their departure.  Information can be found in the Health and Safety section of our website as well as on the Student Identity pages.

Withdrawal from Programs Policy

Withdrawals are contingent on approval from OIED staff. Please email to request to withdraw from your program. You will be required to fill out a Google Form and you'll need to manually request to change your program status to "withdrawn" on the website. PLEASE NOTE that you may still be responsible for the OIED program fee charged to your Touchnet account depending on when you request to withdraw.