Programs by Major

Students select programs based upon many factors: location, program structure, cost, housing, duration, etc. As some students have specific course requirements that they need to fulfill while abroad, academic offerings can often play an important role in program selection. Listed below are some considerations for each major as well as a list of program suggestions. Students may select other programs but this is a good place to start.  Additionally, students can use the Advanced Search feature on our website to select by language, term, program strength, type of program, etc.  

Education Abroad Office

The first step that every student should take is attending a Study Abroad 101 session. These are available in person or online. After completing the 101 session students are encouraged to meet with an Advisor. This can either be done by scheduling an individual appointment or by attending our walk-in hours on Wednesday.

  • When meeting with an advisor students should have done some initial program research and thought about the type of program they are looking for. Some questions to think about and discuss during your advising appointment are:
  • What are the eligibility requirements for my program(s) or interest?
  • What is involved in the application for my program(s) of interest? Is admission to the program competitive?
  • What courses are available on my program? How can I get courses approved for my program(s) of interest?
  • What is the cost of participating in my program(s) of interest? What do I need to consider in preparing an estimated budget for my program(s) of interest, and what expenses do I need to plan for up front?
  • Where can I find more information about scholarships for study abroad?