An international experience is not simply limited to the classroom. There are a number of options available for students to participate in an International Internship. Your academic department is your best resource for finding internships however listed at the bottom of this page are some organizations that can assist with international internships.  

Students must work with their academic departments for approval before beginning the OIED internship application.

Students who are interested in international internships will need to complete the following steps:

  • Meet with their faculty advisor to find an internship or communicate the information you have found with your advisor regarding your internship
  • Get approval from the department and be submitted into the Internship Inventory
  • Complete the OIED International Internship application. OIED must certify international internships before student can be registered in the internship course by the department
  • Follow up with your department to ensure you are registered for internship credit

International Internship Providers and Organizations
This list of organizations does not include all possible options available to students nor are they organizations that are recommended more than other options.  They are merely organizations that we have experience with and that in most cases should be able to meet the Appalachian Internship requirements.  For additional information about these options please feel free to schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Semester Exchange Partners with Internship Options

Duy Tan University - Semester long internships available for Hospitality majors and possibly CIS and Computer Science.

BINUS University - Semester long internships possible for Computer Science, CIS, Business, Design, Architecture, Psychology, and Communication.

International Internship OIED Application Deadlines (Deadlines Are Firm):

The deadline for International Internships is 15 Business days before either the program start date or the term add drop date, whichever occurs first.

OIED International Internship Process

  1. Student submits all required international internship registration materials to Education Abroad before the deadline (15 working days before the start of the internship or the add/drop deadline, whichever comes sooner). - STUDENTS SHOULD BEGIN WORKING WITH THEIR ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT REGARDING INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT APPROVAL AND CONTRACTS WELL BEFORE THIS DEADLINE.

    1. Application Conditions

    2. Student Conduct Release

    3. Insurance Coverage Acknowledgment

    4. OIED Administrative Fee Acknowledgment

    5. Participant Agreement

    6. Internship overview

    7. Internship Dates

    8. Read over

      1. Insurance Overview

      2. Passport Information

      3. Expense Planning

      4. General Health and Safety Overview

      5. Visa Agreement

    9. Meet with Education Abroad Advisor

      1. Discuss specifics - logistics, housing, visa, travel health

  2. Internship is reviewed

    1. Safety of country (GeoBlue, OSAC, State Department, CDC)

    2. State Department Travel Warning

    3. What is the student’s experience in the country

    4. Do the dates in the inventory match the dates that the student provided to us

    5. Logistics

      1. What is housing like

      2. What sort of transportation will the student be taking

      3. Who is the 24 hour support contact

  3. Student is approved for internship

    1. OIED certifies international component of the internship in the Internship Inventory

    2. Student attends orientation (mid April and Mid to Late November) or meets individually

    3. Student completes the following post approval application requirements

      1. Flight Itinerary

      2. International Contact Information

      3. AsuLearn Health and Safety Orientation

      4. Passport Upload

      5. Health Self-Disclosure

      6. Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

    4. Student is registered for insurance

    5. Student visits Travel Health or Physician (should start this as soon as they know about internship)

    6. Student works with Counselling/Disability Services (should start this as soon as they know about internship)