What is iPals?

iPALS matches new international students with current Appalachian State students for friendship and cultural exchange. iPALS is a great opportunity to create new friendships, learn about different cultures, and create memories that will last a lifetime. This program also serves as an important resource for cross-cultural learning and exchange.

U.S. iPALS are invited to share their knowledge about the campus, the local area, U.S. culture, and your favorite things about Appalachian with your iPAL. It is also a great place for students who plan to study abroad, as you can be trained culturally and learn a bit of the language before going to a new place.  You may find some friends from the school where you plan to study abroad! For international iPALS, this is an opportunity to establish a close bond, share your culture, practice higher English skills, and have a buddy whom you can go to when questions arise.

The goal of iPALS is to promote cross-cultural understanding between new international and U.S. students at Appalachian. iPALS is led by Appalachian students interested in providing a welcoming environment for new international students and cultivating friendships with students from other cultures.  We invite international students to give culture and language training to students who plan to study abroad.  iPALS is a great opportunity to learn about cultures around the world! 

How can I apply?

  • Complete the appropriate iPALS application on Engage.
  • Attend the Welcome Event to meet your iPAL - you will be contacted after applying.

Who can participate?

  • New international students
  • Current Appalachian students who have completed at least one academic year of coursework at Appalachian

We highly encourage students who plan on studying abroad to apply to iPALS.  We can give you culture and language training before your abroad journey.

When will I meet my iPal?

Peers are matched at the beginning of each semester at the Welcome Event. If you apply later in the semester, we will contact you by email to connect you with your iPal. 

What happens next?

After the Welcome Event, you will get together regularly with your iPAL and participate in monthly social and cultural activities. If you have any problems getting in touch with your iPAL, please contact international-outreach@appstate.edu

Have additional questions? Don’t hesitate to email us at international-outreach@appstate.edu

Give us your feedback and suggestions about iPals!