Financial Aid

The majority of Appalachian financial aid and scholarships can be applied toward study abroad programs. Please be aware that securing your financial aid for study abroad is a process that requires working with several offices. Early planning at least 6 months to a year in advance and being totally engaged in the process from start to finish will greatly lessen any challenges you may face.

Steps To Receiving Financial Aid For Studying Abroad

  1. Apply for financial aid

  2. Tentatively select your program 

  3. Contact your Financial Aid Counselor for aid eligibility during the term you wish to study abroad in, so you can decide whether or not to commit to the study abroad program.

  4. After you have spoken to your Financial Aid Counselor and are confident that you will have the funds to cover your program, please visit the  Office of International Education and Development to be sure you have completed all the necessary steps/paperwork for your program choice so that office can provide the Office of Student Financial Aid the program information for your study abroad program.  This information is necessary for the Student Financial Aid Office to prepare and award your aid to you for your study abroad.

  5. Depending on the type of aid you are offered, there could be multiple steps to your award process.  Therefore, it is important that you monitor your ASU email and Appalnet/Financial Aid awards regularly for communication from the Financial Aid office.   

  6. Once you have completed the steps for processing and accepting your aid award for your program, you should receive your financial aid on your student account 10 days prior to the start of your study abroad program (not the Start of the Term). 

  7. Student Accounts will post the aid according to their hierarchy of payment obligations for aid.  Meaning that some aid is not able to be posted towards study abroad charges and will need to be refunded to you after the manditory charges are covered.  Tor this reason you should make sure that the study abroad charges on your student account have been paid before using the refund for other purposes.  If it has not been paid and you have no other means to pay the charges other than financial aid, please redeposit the funds into your student account to cover the program charges.