Financial Aid

The majority of Appalachian financial aid and scholarships can apply to semester and year-long study abroad programs. Typically, for summer study abroad, the type of aid available for students will be in the form of loans.

Early planning for study abroad helps you make cost-effective decisions and allows you to prepare finances through saving, scholarships, and financial aid. Securing your financial aid for study abroad is a process that requires working with several offices. Be advised that you should be totally engaged in the process from start to finish. Early planning at least 6 months to a year in advance will greatly lessen any challenges you may face.

Steps To Receiving Financial Aid For Studying Abroad

  1. Apply for financial aid

  2. Tentatively select your program 

  3. Contact your Financial Aid Counselor for loan eligibility in order to decide whether or not to commit to the study abroad

  4. Once decided, print the Study Abroad Agreement Form (see below) to fill out and return to the Office of Student Financial Aid by the Deadline for your program. This will also give you extended information about using financial aid for studying abroad.

  5. Depending on the type of program you are participating on and your current loan status, accepting loan offers for your program may be accomplished either by accepting aid through your Appalnet account, by a loan increase form sent to you by email, or by a combination of both. The Study Abroad Counselor will contact you by email to let you know the method.

  6. Generally, you should receive your financial aid on your student account several days prior to the start of your study abroad program. Student Accounts can then begin the process of any possible refund you may be receiving.

Students wishing to receive financial aid for classes/programs that are registered within the Fall Semester or Spring Semester (full semester, partial semester, or short-term study abroad) will need to print the Fall or Spring Semester Study Abroad Agreement Form (PDF, 248 KB) and turn it in according to the relevant deadline.

Students wishing to have financial aid for classes that are registered within Summer I or II will need to print the Summer Study Abroad Agreement Form (PDF, 479 KB) and turn it in according to the relevant deadline. If taking additional classes during Appalachian's Summer School, you will list those classes on this Summer Study Abroad Agreement form and will not turn in a separate Summer School Financial Aid Application.

Promptly return all forms requested by the Office of Student Financial Aid: fax to (828) 262-2585, drop off at the Office of Student Financial Aid, John E. Thomas Hall, room 265.

*** Funds cannot post to a student's account until 10 days prior to the start of the program.