J-1 Student: Immigration and Visa

Apply for a Visa

 New students need to visit the Apply For Visa  page in order to obtain J-1 status.

Maintain J-1 Student Visa Status

J-1 students smilingJ-1 students must do the following to maintain their legal immigration status: 

  • Maintain full-time enrollment 

    • 12+ credits for undergraduates 

    • 9+ credit for graduates

      • Holds: ISSSO puts a hold on the account of international students to prevent students from dropping below this minimum.  To discuss this hold, contact issso@appstate.edu 
  • Maintain an accurate and up to date DS-2019

    • Students should review their DS-2019 every semester to ensure all information is accurate

    • Program End Date

      • If a student plans to leave their program earlier than indicated on the DS-2019 Program End Date, contact issso@appstate.edu 

      • If a student wishes to remain at App State for an additional semester, after speaking to your home university, submit a program extension application.  Return to an existing extension applicaiton here

  • Maintain AppalNet account 

    • Students must update their AppalNet  within 10 days with any changes of the following: 

      • Local address (off campus)

      • Phone Number

  • Work with proper authorization

    • Students may work on-campus up to 20 hours/week during the academic semester after completing the J-1 Employment Application

    • To work off-campus, students require prior authorization 

    • For more information on employment details, see the Employment Page

  • Travel with proper documentation

    • If a student plans to travel outside the US, they should review the Travel Page

  • Read your @appstate.edu e-mail every day.