ID and Driver’s License

To get an NC State ID or Driver's License:

State ID

Many students prefer to obtain a North Carolina state ID card to avoid carrying a passport in public

  • Required documents: 

    • Passport

    • DS-2019 or I-20

    • I-94 

    • Social Security Card (recommended, but not required) 

    • Proof of residency.  If you live on campus, your housing contract proves that you live in North Carolina; if you live off-campus, bring a copy of your lease or rental agreement. Your App State enrollment verification shows you are enrolled here. 

    • Payment of fee

Driver’s License

North Carolina recognizes other country's licenses for driving, so most international students do not need to obtain an NC Driver's License if you are only renting or borrowing cars from friends. If you plan to buy a car in the US, you will need a state Driver's License to register your vehicle.

Buy a car

If you are considering buying a car in the US, be sure to consider these additional requirements and added expenses for owning a vehicle. Most exchange students decide to rent cars on a short-term basis instead of buying; some degree-seeking students who plan to remain in the US for several years do purchase vehicles.

  • To officially own the car, you will need to have a title.  If the seller does not give you a title, the sale is not legal. 
  • Car Insurance --North Carolina liability insurance must be maintained continuously on a vehicle for registration.  Commonly used companies include Geiko, State Farm, and Nationwide. 
  • Emissions Inspection -- Before your car can be registered, it must go through an inspection process.  That inspection happens at a mechanic or other authorized inspector. 
  • Registration -- You must register the title and get a tag.  The individual who is titling the vehicle must have a valid North Carolina driver license or state ID. The registration is done at NCDMV license plate agency.  It costs to get the car registered and to have a tag made.  Fees can be found here.  
  • Once you have the car, you will need to pay for parking on campus